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Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Just Want You To Know

             ~Each Fan's Desire

I want to reach you,
but I don't know how,
you give this chance to a few,
But then what should I do now?

I don't want you to do much,
and my desires,
are very few as such.

I just want you to know,
that I admire you more than I ever could.
I don't want anything more,
just you to know I love you more than I ever would.

You know you mean to me more than  I mean to you,
I too somewhere, do know you mean to me more than I mean to you;
But for once I want you to recognize my love for you,
And let me know,  what I mean to you. (pretend and lie, I won't mind but it'll make my day,
But do say something,  whatever you want to say.)

I may be just another fan for you,
I may be just another attention seeker for you;
But I just want you to know,
You mean the world to me... Or maybe more!

By Shahen Pardiwala

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©Shahen Pardiwala. All Right Reserved.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Am I the Almighty?

You call me The Almighty.

You call me Powerful.
You call me The Creator.
You call me the strongest force, but NO!
I'm not, 
But yes I am!
I do not have the power to grant happiness or sadness,
nor any kind of success.
I can't make you powerful or strong,
But I decide what's RIGHT and what's WRONG!
I'm justice.
I'm balance.
I do not look for devotees performing rites for me.
I do not look for devotion,
because I love you all, and I am a part of you all.
My job ain't to destroy Evil and create Good. That's yours.
My job is to guide you.
Sometimes I feel like destroying all I have created,
but then I help destroy the Evil within you.
There's no good or bad,
happiness or sorrow,
only justice and injustice.
But I shan't allow the latter on my land,
and the former shall wear the crown.
Because I'm not the Almighty, I'm Justice.
            By Shahen Pardiwala
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


The author of the book 
LOVEDALE ~ Married to Life© Nozzer Pardiwala, 
believes that... The world not only needs great writers but also great readers!

Taking that thought forward we introduced a dedicated segment on our youtube channel where readers of the book LOVEDALE~Married to Life©  share their views about the book, the author's unique style of writing and the changes the education system needs to look into.

We interviewed 

STUDENT Miss Pushti Shah

TEACHER  Mrs. Dhun Patel 

Homeschooling Parents Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Peedikayil

The responses were simply amazing. We introduce here a BLOG INTERVIEW for Lovedale Reader's Club
with another Homeschooling Parent Ranjeeta Kulshrestha.

Who is your favorite character?

My favorite character in the book is Samaira. 
I feel so connected to her. She learns from nature and believes in angels. She gains her knowledge from nature and from real life experiences... her love for all beings amazes me.

The first impression of a book on a reader's mind is the cover. What is your interpretation of the Cover

The big arch with Lovedale written on it... left me awestruck!!! The color green and yellow envelops you in a warm feeling. Green related to life energy and yellow with faith and bliss. Cover shows that the house Lovedale is more or less like a school, it's mirror-image. It seems so... it is home plus school...homeschool.

Where there any wow moments in the book? Moments when you are filled with awe, surprise or nostalgia. 

There are so many. The way author describes Lovedale... little things like dried leaves, the bushes. For me, the wow moment is that they don't have a clock in Lovedale.

Which character you could associate to?

Samaira, Of Course! I, too, love nature like she does. I too love treating people with the help of nature. In fact, I associate a little with everyone... like Shimayan I am fascinated with the subject of psychology. Like Seista, I too love and take care of my family and I want to write like Dadda.

Who do you think is the fifth one in the fivesome? 

I think its the Reader. One who is reading the book

As a parent,  what did you relate to in the book? 

As a parent, I relate so much with this book. How children struggle in the school and as a parent we are running a blind race. We want something like Lovedale but do not dare to. But I m happy I chose homeschooling... I relate with homeschooling journey very much .  

What do you think other readers should expect out of the book?

Other readers would know about the option of homescooling and truth of some parents and children experience it...the disillusionment it creates and the freedom that homeschooling as an option might open up ...

Would you have liked to be a homeschooling child yourself?

Yes! I homeschool my kids and am glad that I opted for it.

Being a city dweller would you have liked to move to a place like Lovedale? 

Surely, Yes! I very much would love to move to a place like Lovedale. I want to be amidst nature.

The author has said in one of his interviews that this book is his way of reaching to policy makers. In your opinion, Should homeschoolers make themselves known like this or shy away from being known? 

I must say, the author has done the right thing. Why to shy away? We must tell the world that yes we can learn without school...Homeschooling is a way away from the system that is not upgrading itself with changing is not against learning...gathering skills or information..only a different avenue of exploring and self learning.

What is one question you would want to ask to the current  education system?

I want to ask how can they tell that this child is intelligent  and the other is not...just on the basis of marks. I don't think so knowledge can be equated with marks.


The book is available on 
Print Copy    FLIPKART
ebook  AMAZON 
also available at PAGDANDI books chai cafe Pune

Author Interview                            Author Website

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