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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Am I the Almighty?

You call me The Almighty.

You call me Powerful.
You call me The Creator.
You call me the strongest force, but NO!
I'm not, 
But yes I am!
I do not have the power to grant happiness or sadness,
nor any kind of success.
I can't make you powerful or strong,
But I decide what's RIGHT and what's WRONG!
I'm justice.
I'm balance.
I do not look for devotees performing rites for me.
I do not look for devotion,
because I love you all, and I am a part of you all.
My job ain't to destroy Evil and create Good. That's yours.
My job is to guide you.
Sometimes I feel like destroying all I have created,
but then I help destroy the Evil within you.
There's no good or bad,
happiness or sorrow,
only justice and injustice.
But I shan't allow the latter on my land,
and the former shall wear the crown.
Because I'm not the Almighty, I'm Justice.
            By Shahen Pardiwala
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