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Friday, June 24, 2016

Things That DESTROY Teenage Lives!

A lot of things destroy teenage lives don't they? Drugs, smoking, bad company, abuse? But every one has already spoken about, right? Here I bring to you 4 things that deep down inside actually kill us and do not allow us to live our lives to the fullest ! 
What have you been hearing from your aunties? ;-) Teenagers are rebellious...teenagers are misbehaved...teenagers are moody, sulky...but have they ever questioned why? Watch and you will know. Share this with everyone you think needs to know what is killing teenagers deep down inside? 
Share with me in the comments below and be UCP (watch to know what I mean) with me, as I have been with you'll!  Answer these: Have you ever lied to be a part of a group/community?
Have you ever made a choice you have regretted?
Have you ever felt bad about coming second?
Have you ever had a low-confidence moment?

I know your answers are YES, I want to know the WHAT?


I have been Up Close and Personal about how these four things affected me and I want to know from you'll how these four things ever affected you? 
Moreover, i have an announcement to make in the video. Do leave a comment under the video on YouTube. Your suggestion 
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And yes, I have a biggggg announcement to make in the video so watch the video and answer me in the comments below of what you think about it. 
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