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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Interview with a FAN of Faisal Khan ~ SUSHMA RANE ~

First Recipient of the book - FAN FOR THE FIRST TIME ~ 


Fan For The First Time by Sonnal Pardiwala

Fan For The First Time book on Faisal Khan by Sonnal Pardiwala Cover Page

First of all...Congratulations on being the first recipient of the book "Fan for the first time!
 Fan For the first time by sonnal pardiwala book on Faisal Khan
Fan For The  First Time book on Faisal Khan by Sonnal Pardiwala

Me: How did you come to know about this book?

Sushma Rane: I came to know about this book from Faisal’s FaceBook and Google+ accounts. On 3rd January he stated in his post about Sonnal Pardiwala who wrote a book on him…Fan For The First Time...amazing name....Being Faisal’s fan , I keep track of his every account...this is how I came to know.

Me: You would be really glad to have made the decision, but what made you buy this seemingly expensive but exclusive book?

Sushma Rane: Obviously one and only reason for buying this book was Faisal Khan... Faisu, Sonnal’s little man...the book was on Faisu.....anything for him!

When I learnt that somebody has written a book on him…I was extremely happy....Faisal actually deserves this ...he is too good in whatever he does. He has immortalised the character of Maharana there was a thought of buying it somewhere in my mind.

Initially actually I was just thinking of buying it someday not immediately but in his next post on 8th January, he asked his fans, Did you read the book? and all answers were negative…even I answered not yet...quiet disappointing answer...also on Sonnal’s Twitter handle she mentioned that Faisal asked her, Who will read book on me?

I wanted to make him happy, I wanted him to know how much his fans love him then I made my mind to book the order immediately. And very next day I booked my copy of FFTFT. It is love for Faisu that made me buy this book exclusive book on exclusive sweet little kid.

I don't think it’s expensive. It worths the cost. Faisu deserves this.

Me: How long was the waiting period and what were the feelings? Curiosity, excitement, anxiety...please elaborate.

Sushma Rane: After booking for FFTFT, I was so excited can't express the feeling. I booked it on 9th Jan and then the waiting started...till 14th I just held myself...and then became anxious. O God how long I have to wait...? Very anxious...on 15th....I was going mad!


Me: What was your first reaction when you received the book?  

Sushma Rane: I had given my office address. Security personnel called up to say my parcel has arrived, immediately understood it’s my FFTFT. I was actually speechless…I had no heart beats increased...I could have got it by sending peon but ran myself to collect it. I held it in my hand and said yeah...I got it. Book on my Faisu! I was so happy that day…

Me: What was your reaction looking at the cover page?

Sushma Rane: Of courses all smiles on my face. Cover page is so positive.....the rising sun.....appropriate for Faisal’s book.....when I unwrapped the outer’s mine now…the book is mine. I'm bonded to Faisal by this book. Very very happy....excited. ..I was literally shaking out of excitement. Only Faisal’s true fan will understand my condition. Right Sonnal?

Me: Describe how you began reading the the excitement of receiving it calmed down and you began enjoying the book...

Sushma Rane: When I opened the book, I just couldn't read anything......I was just turning the pages.... so look at those lovely pictures of Faisu in different moods...killing…all the pictures were. I was so excited couldn't read the book. I bunk my office next day, just to read the book. And I entered into a loveland...Omg....Sonnal just loved you...for such a beautiful passionately written. Then couldn't keep it down. Read it in just one go. But I am not yet calmed down....still feel the same excitement when I open it. Reading it again! I will enjoy it throughout my life time.

Me: Which part of the book did you enjoy the most? Quote one paragraph or scene you enjoyed the most and feel that has been immortalized as much as it has been immortalized in the serial.

Sushma Rane: I liked whole book. But the part I enjoyed the most is from chapter Leaf Shedding and Flowering Season of Love Land...when Ajabde goes to fetch Kunwar Pratap. The dialogues between them and the lovely pictures of Faisu! Oh God what expressions…page number 86, 87, 88.

The scene which is immortalised as in the serial is confession scene from the chapter Of Confusion and Confessions....the paragraph from “Phool woh nahi.......Hume aap ache lage he aaj se nahin kayin mahinose...
THE BEST touched my heart. I cried for Praja…Sonnal you have heightened these dialogues to a different level. What descriptions! Luv u for that! Luv Praja.
Many such paragraphs and lines I died for ...... “Dekhiye Hume log kehte hai ki hum shurveer he...humne bahut kirti arjit ki he...ghunghor puja me aapne swayam dekha tha sari rajkunwariaan lad rahi thi humse vivah karne ke liye par humne kisi ko aankh bhar nahin dekha kyunki hume aap achi lagti he Ajabde”....and then u said “Oh Ajabde why did your heart not melt at his tearing plea…?” I really died as you said.....

And the scene of training Phool. ................. Why are you aloof from me....and further I died.....

So many paragraphs, dialogues....u have decorated them with your words. Sonnal thank you. I feel proud to own this book.

Me: Which is your favourite chapter and why?

Sushma Rane: Actually I can't name one...whole book is my favourite. But if you insist....Of Confusion and Confessions is my favourite......its full of emotions....this chapter has the content for which each Praja fans waited so long ...the confession no 106...suna aapne rani ma.......he gives clue unknowingly to his Ranimaa that he is hooked...lovely ...then the Ghanghaur Ajab fulfils the custom....then Pratap’s tough skill on horse...Ajab watching it....then Phool’s training scene...confession scene and the great sacrifice of Praja for Matrubhumi....and hume nahi lagta ke phir kabhi hum .......apni...aatma kisi vyakti me itni spasht dekh payenge....true Kunwar Pratap…this chapter is a master piece. And the masterpiece chapter itself is a great experience.....what to say no words....

Me: How did you feel when the author herself acknowledged you on various social networking sites and also when Faisal Khan himself acknowledged you on Instagram and twitter and also thanked you?

Sushma Rane: Of course I was damn happy, when Sonnal acknowledged me on Twitter, Facebook and Insta. I am grateful to her for that. I was very happy that this girl put forth ....what all Faisu’s fan have in their heart...I'll always be grateful to Sonnal for writing such a lovely book on Faisal.


I died. He thanked me on all social sites...actually I should be thanking him for bringing such lovely moments, happiness in our life, he deserves all the love, honours, awards he's getting. When he acknowledged me I was thrilled...and so happy....everybody could see it on my face...thank u Faisal. Love you a lot.

Me: How does it feel to be the first recipient of a one of its kind book?

Sushma Rane: Actually I was shocked when I learnt, I was first recipient. Now I feel proud that I'm the first one to make Faisu happy (of course not as much Sonnal made him happy). At least to some extent! I feel great to be first recipient as Faisu is very special for the book is very special.....and Sonnal, the writer is also very special for me...we are bonded through this book. So very very special feeling of being first recipient of book on Faisu!!!

Me: What would you like to say to the other countless fans of Faisal Khan with regards to this book?

Sushma Rane: Do read this book. It’s a treasure. If you are a real fan of Faisal Khan must read this book! You will get to meet your Faisal everyday...anytime you’s very very special book for every fan of his. It will be a very precious belonging of yours, if you own it. I'm very happy to own it.
Spread the happiness be a part of the chain..Sonnal…Faisal..Sushma..Pallavi…
This is all about the love between Faisal and his I'll say buy the book!

…Thanks Sonnal for such a precious gift...

Thanks Faisal 

Love you both.


~the book will be available EXCLUSIVELY on


                                   ©Shahen Pardiwala. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

An E-mail To Pimples…

I first thought I will send a letter…but I was sure that the letter would reach after the pimple has gone…so I zeroed in on an email…
And here it goes…

CC/BCC: No one else troubles me.

Subject: Thank You Note + Warning

Message: Dear, pimple on my face, first of all I want to thank you because without you this blog post wasn’t possible. Thank you for your esteemed presence on my forehead. Your company has delighted me but I do not think we are going to meet ever again. So I send this email to you.

I first spotted you when I cut my hair. I pushed those long black hair backwards and saw you. Disgusting little you! That red thing on my head is extremely beautiful and is a one of its kind creation, but please I do not like you on my head. Not because I already have so much stuff in it already (like chess, blogging and Rubik’s cube) but because I cannot tolerate you. Even you cannot tolerate me for a day, I bet that…that too on your forehead!
I have seen you on many other places…like the heads and cheeks of my friends…at this age, when we are rough and tough and don’t care a damn, it is amazing…we can accommodate you anywhere... but very soon we (I and my friends) have to do something. That’s because now we are cricket playing, sweaty, stinking and chirpy teenagers…and truly we give a damn! And I think the time has come…too many problems although I have had you for less than six months from now…
*I can’t bear myself in the mirror when I have little old you on my head… or cheek or nose.
*I run my fingers through my head, which used to be (and is going to be) smooth and nothing on them…but today I felt you…yuck…how can I have you???
*The worst part is you spread faster than my blog posts do on social media…and you make up a home for yourself somewhere else on my face…
*You are not paying me…will anyone in this city allow me to stay at their home? No…and for free… of course not!
* You do not look good on others’ face and so you definitely don’t on mine! And I do not want to go about with such a face…just imagine! Who would like an open garbage dump on Beverly Hills???
(yeah I quote my face Beverly hills…so what???)
But now no more of these problems! That is because I have found a solution…to all of these…pimple problems…boils and spreading of pimples on my face…
Although people say “True beauty lies in the heart or in the character of the person, the clothes and face area the first thing that a person sees in me...that person before being my friends sees my appearance…sometimes it becomes important…no one is going to get into the best of villas if s/he first sees flies and mosquitoes breeding at the entrance!
So pack up your bags dear because not only me but the world has discovered something that will not let you be there for more time on this planet…so apna boriya bistar bandh lo…”
Yours handsomely,
And then I got the reply…
In reply to: Thank You Note + Warning
to me
Hey…I won’t leave…tell me who you have found?
And I told him something…
After that I couldn’t find Pimple anywhere on the net…
So imagine if the name of it can drive pimples off net…imagine what The face wash can actually do…
So you too send an email to pimple on your forehead and tell them to shoo off…
And get the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash now!

This blog post is a part of an IndiBlogger contest:

                                                               e-mailed by Shahen Pardiwala

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Let em Fly, Let em Flow...

Aspi Patel

I did not write for the sake of it...
I did not write for money...
I did not write for attention seeking...
But just for the purpose of expressing...
When I wrote the first few words... 
They flew from the pen like free open birds...
But today as I stare at the blank document,I feel like a hopeless patient...
But I know the words will come again...
And fly like birds in the open again...
Let those birds be trapped for a while...
Coz when they'll be free they'll be worthwhile!!!!
I want the words to be my friend...
And help me write start to end...
But today those words just won't come And probe me to delete and wait some time...
But to write again I gotta dissolve that block...But I need some inspiration..Or some kind of motivation! Let the birds fly..Let the words flow...And let them and reach the world Oh! oh!
I will face the blank page...
But will fight it out...
And to the words I shout...
Just get out there, And Dissolve the block!
writers block, shahen pardiwala

Dissolved by Shahen Pardiwala.

Thank you Aspi Uncle for the image of the bird. 

Image Courtesy: Aspi Patel.

                                  ©Shahen Pardiwala. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When the Journey Becomes a Destination...

continued from:
                                 We Homeschool, Yes. We Homeschool Not.

How I Learnt learning

“You are a child only once.”
It’s enough, I am home-schooling.
Waking up early in  the morning, standing in assembly, being a part of futile and stupid annual days, travelling in jam-packed buses, giving useless exams, lifting heavy bags and all such things came to an end once we began home-schooling. Talking about beginning to home-school, it wasn’t tough. To be out of the system was enough to give us a lot of freedom. Till now we talked about the things that we managed to avoid and how there are lesser occurrences that otherwise I would face at school and had faced. Now, it is time to discuss the same but all together, and also what new experiences we are now exposed to and what more we are able to do as homeschoolers!!!
First of all, no more getting up early in the morning! Getting up at whatever time you like. 7, 9 11, 12 or any time that we want to wake up at. No haste to reach the school or worry to miss a bus. But what is surprising is that although we tend to wake up at 10 or sometimes even eleven or eleven thirty, we manage to learn and do so much more than what we could do when we went to school. Lots of other things along with completing the studies! And why this happens is…
Wake up at six thirty. Reach school by 7:50. Attend the assembly. Be at school till 2:45. Come back at home. Have lunch. This ends by four. Then, complete assignments and do homework….study for EXAAAMS (the capital stands for the sarcasm attached to it) and then after being completely stressed out, we’d play for an hour or two. Sometimes not! And then there were times when for the entire day, I would have to study. There would be no time for rest, leave alone exploring new things or doing something different. And in all of this, learning never happened. But that’s entirely something else. Here, we are talking about the time. The time that we actually never got…The entire day would be wasted over homework or completing assignments.

 also read...How I Learnt Learning...

We get so much time to do so much now. (It is either this one liner or a long article. Let me not STRESS you out! At least not now! ;)
Yes, so we get to wake up at anytime! But even if we (for example) wake up at 11, we manage to do a lot throughout the day. You know why??? That’s because 9 hours of school plus the extra 4 for the extra assignments are totally removed. So even if we deduct four hours for the extra morning sleep, it leaves us with 9 hours! And of course the evening time!
So the day is divided into many parts. The earlier part of the day is devoted to the formal syllabus, i.e. studying the textbook matter. That is for some 4 hours or maybe some time less or more. What surprised me too was that I and my brother were able to complete a substantial amount of our formal portion, way earlier than any school would. Before the first term ended, I had finished Physics, Chemistry and Biology. And by December of the year 2014, I had already finished 25 out of the 40 long chapters of Math. Shahaan (introduction needed?) had also finished his math and science by mid-term.
And languages? Well, when mom asked us if we had to read any more English chapters, I said, “I have read all of them.” then there was a little questioning. What is the point in writing those brief answers and factual answers and all that stuff when I had understood, and read the chapter? Why do I need to write the notes once then read it again, revise them, and practise them by writing them again; then writing them again for a test??? Is there any need at all for a test? Don’t I know that I know and have understood what I had to? So why get into this circle of writing and re writing. When my blogs are being read and I am able to give a message through them, do I need to do this?
 Do I need to do grammar that is actually not playing any role in my life? For example, Synthesis and expansion of idea!
 I want to convey a message to the world. Say, Time and tide wait for none…How do I expand it? Okay, I write long lectures. How do I simplify the expansion? Okay, I cut it down to the proverb! Now, how does the message reach the world????
No, the message I have written on a sheet of paper lays crumpled in a drawer. Now the same message if it has to be sent out to the world, what do I do? On Twitter, I synthesise it into 140 characters and on other places like Facebook and Blogger, where I can write more, I expand it. Then, what is the need to simplify or expand or do anything to a phrase or a sentence or paragraph how many ever times on a sheet of paper???
As far as Hindi is concerned, as long as one knows to write it well and read it properly, there is absolutely no need to write answers or give uncountable exams!
We end up doing so much! And then it may be a problem too. There are so many things we have done, now what new challenging thing shall we do???? That question persists always! What’s more? What’s new? What’s challenging?
It is such a wonderful learning cycle. Every time we do something and accomplish it, we want to do something else that holds our attention and something we can accomplish! But no, it’s not a bit boring!!!

Good Morning continues…

The good morning for us continues throughout the day! Now, let me remember….what did I write for Good Morning continues…Ok! Now I do! Bags! No more bags to carry daily once you homeschool. We do not need to carry any bags!!! We need to but not heavy ones that remind you of… of yourself from every day!
But there are some things we carry, when we go to our parents’ work place in the afternoon…and don’t regret to…a tennis racquet, whenever we have our tennis class and badminton racquets to play (guess what? Yet there is no racket created!!!). I carry my Rubik’s cube, a book,  some study material (fortunately one at a time)….Shahaan carries his toys…apart from all this, we carry smiles, some pride balanced with humility, sense of freedom in our minds and smiles again…these ain’t no heavy...believe me!

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