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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When the Journey Becomes a Destination...

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                                 We Homeschool, Yes. We Homeschool Not.

How I Learnt learning

“You are a child only once.”
It’s enough, I am home-schooling.
Waking up early in  the morning, standing in assembly, being a part of futile and stupid annual days, travelling in jam-packed buses, giving useless exams, lifting heavy bags and all such things came to an end once we began home-schooling. Talking about beginning to home-school, it wasn’t tough. To be out of the system was enough to give us a lot of freedom. Till now we talked about the things that we managed to avoid and how there are lesser occurrences that otherwise I would face at school and had faced. Now, it is time to discuss the same but all together, and also what new experiences we are now exposed to and what more we are able to do as homeschoolers!!!
First of all, no more getting up early in the morning! Getting up at whatever time you like. 7, 9 11, 12 or any time that we want to wake up at. No haste to reach the school or worry to miss a bus. But what is surprising is that although we tend to wake up at 10 or sometimes even eleven or eleven thirty, we manage to learn and do so much more than what we could do when we went to school. Lots of other things along with completing the studies! And why this happens is…
Wake up at six thirty. Reach school by 7:50. Attend the assembly. Be at school till 2:45. Come back at home. Have lunch. This ends by four. Then, complete assignments and do homework….study for EXAAAMS (the capital stands for the sarcasm attached to it) and then after being completely stressed out, we’d play for an hour or two. Sometimes not! And then there were times when for the entire day, I would have to study. There would be no time for rest, leave alone exploring new things or doing something different. And in all of this, learning never happened. But that’s entirely something else. Here, we are talking about the time. The time that we actually never got…The entire day would be wasted over homework or completing assignments.

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We get so much time to do so much now. (It is either this one liner or a long article. Let me not STRESS you out! At least not now! ;)
Yes, so we get to wake up at anytime! But even if we (for example) wake up at 11, we manage to do a lot throughout the day. You know why??? That’s because 9 hours of school plus the extra 4 for the extra assignments are totally removed. So even if we deduct four hours for the extra morning sleep, it leaves us with 9 hours! And of course the evening time!
So the day is divided into many parts. The earlier part of the day is devoted to the formal syllabus, i.e. studying the textbook matter. That is for some 4 hours or maybe some time less or more. What surprised me too was that I and my brother were able to complete a substantial amount of our formal portion, way earlier than any school would. Before the first term ended, I had finished Physics, Chemistry and Biology. And by December of the year 2014, I had already finished 25 out of the 40 long chapters of Math. Shahaan (introduction needed?) had also finished his math and science by mid-term.
And languages? Well, when mom asked us if we had to read any more English chapters, I said, “I have read all of them.” then there was a little questioning. What is the point in writing those brief answers and factual answers and all that stuff when I had understood, and read the chapter? Why do I need to write the notes once then read it again, revise them, and practise them by writing them again; then writing them again for a test??? Is there any need at all for a test? Don’t I know that I know and have understood what I had to? So why get into this circle of writing and re writing. When my blogs are being read and I am able to give a message through them, do I need to do this?
 Do I need to do grammar that is actually not playing any role in my life? For example, Synthesis and expansion of idea!
 I want to convey a message to the world. Say, Time and tide wait for none…How do I expand it? Okay, I write long lectures. How do I simplify the expansion? Okay, I cut it down to the proverb! Now, how does the message reach the world????
No, the message I have written on a sheet of paper lays crumpled in a drawer. Now the same message if it has to be sent out to the world, what do I do? On Twitter, I synthesise it into 140 characters and on other places like Facebook and Blogger, where I can write more, I expand it. Then, what is the need to simplify or expand or do anything to a phrase or a sentence or paragraph how many ever times on a sheet of paper???
As far as Hindi is concerned, as long as one knows to write it well and read it properly, there is absolutely no need to write answers or give uncountable exams!
We end up doing so much! And then it may be a problem too. There are so many things we have done, now what new challenging thing shall we do???? That question persists always! What’s more? What’s new? What’s challenging?
It is such a wonderful learning cycle. Every time we do something and accomplish it, we want to do something else that holds our attention and something we can accomplish! But no, it’s not a bit boring!!!

Good Morning continues…

The good morning for us continues throughout the day! Now, let me remember….what did I write for Good Morning continues…Ok! Now I do! Bags! No more bags to carry daily once you homeschool. We do not need to carry any bags!!! We need to but not heavy ones that remind you of… of yourself from every day!
But there are some things we carry, when we go to our parents’ work place in the afternoon…and don’t regret to…a tennis racquet, whenever we have our tennis class and badminton racquets to play (guess what? Yet there is no racket created!!!). I carry my Rubik’s cube, a book,  some study material (fortunately one at a time)….Shahaan carries his toys…apart from all this, we carry smiles, some pride balanced with humility, sense of freedom in our minds and smiles again…these ain’t no heavy...believe me!

Cries??? Where?
Byes??? Where?
Buses??? Where?
I had written about cries byes and buses…cries and byes are a rare sight and buses have vanished for us….crowded buses rather! (I think “buses have stopped” is enough…all buses are crowded anyways!)
But yes, and obviously there is no more travelling in crowded buses! That is because there is no travelling to a place called school…it is homeschooling isn’t it? And not travelling in a crowded bus has a benefit of standing apart…and not just among the crowd… that is what homeschooling is all about-standing apart from the crowd-have the power to decide and not be dictated…about anything! It also gives me the power to me…to question myself when I feel I am doing something wrong…or being lazy….or not living up to my own expectations….it gives me the power to question my own self with authority…. “Hey bro! Do you think what you have been up to is right? Or do you want this for yourself? Are you being what you are or can be? Are you by any chance not letting yourself grow? When I get the answer as “NO” I know what I have to do!
I hate it when I am not able do what I want to or that I am supposed to; like: I procrastinated writing this last piece of article for so long…I had to push myself, give myself a pep talk and tell myself to fulfill all those things that are necessary…standing apart doesn’t just mean doing differently but also thinking differently…like we stood out from the crowd in the bus…we questioned ourselves…do we want to be in a crowded bus like this? Do we want to put ourselves through this? Do we want to travel daily in a crowded bus, where at times we do not get place to even sit?
Do we want to limit our lives to just going to school in a bus and coming back in a bus and doing homework, eating, playing and sleeping…recently, I have had a lot of complaints from myself for myself…Like how could I even think like this? Why am I wasting time scrolling through the feeds of social networking sites and not doing anything concrete or why am I wasting time reading this stupid book just because I have bought it and want to finish it?
And then there are times when I ask myself for the improvement of myself…how can I be of help here? How can I be resourceful? How can I be a part of what journey my dad or mom or Shahaan has embarked upon…how can I make myself productive and do something that can create a stir? How? Why? When? I even tend to ask sometimes…if this guy on YouTube can solve the Rubik’s cube, why can’t I? If mom’s blog can get a lot of views, why can’t mine? If this is possible and can be done by someone, then why can’t I?
Sometimes I even need to control my urge to do something I like. If you want to know, at the moment, Shahaan and Dad are playing a game of chess….I am attracted to the game…. I want to play….but I want to write this article today! No matter what! These are not questions that put me down or cause me to give up, but actually go forth and do something different. Even if I fail a thousand times, I will try the one thousandth one time…maybe that step shall be successful! Continuously incorporating different things in what one does and doing differently what you do and thinking with a different approach, is what makes one stand apart…one thing I want to do is stand apart! Create an identity of and for myself. I want Google to suggest my name when it is being typed…I do not want people to run after me for an autograph (I would not mind though) but at least not go unnoticed in a crowd. And I hope thinking with a different approach will help me do so…I am working on it…

And then of course, I do not need to ASSEMBLE! Do not need to stand and start my day with something so boring….so fruitless…stand in an assembly…perform exercises that actually do not help anyone, let alone me, to be active-mentally or physically. We are now done with the system that actually endorsed partiality, which puts down our morale beyond comparison…which motivates only those who some authority deems fit…and not the deserving ones…actually, everyone, is deserving then why only some are selected??? Hence, we now do not do anything that actually is dictated by others…but select for ourselves…how we start our day, what we do is up to us…with guidance and sometimes a firing when required from Mom or Dad…and although we do not have an assembly every morning, it’s not that we do not have a good start to the day…at least we aren’t thinking or feeling pressurized because we have to give an exam within some hours or submit homework or attend this boring lecture!
However, it does not mean that we wake up in the  morning and then take walks, or meditate, play or exercise… the mornings are quite relaxed…
And of course I forgot to mention…no more climbing five floors with any sort of cargo piled up on our backs!


Now this safar is very different from the suffer at school. That is because…it is different…we aren’t in a structure…we aren’t in a compulsory and stringent rule bound system. We are exercising our free will of education…oops, we are learning, at the same time….but I think the purpose of education is fulfilled automatically when we are learning…actually learning!
Not by-hearting or remembering answers. We are more dependent on our skill, application and how we are able to implement what we learn through these mediums called textbooks to real life….these textbooks too are crafted in a manner where learning is very difficult…But, if I am not inclined to Chemistry (I am not…I simply don’t want to remember the chemical formulae), because somewhere I feel if I do not want to do this than how am I going to apply it into real life! Homeschooling gives me the option to go easy with it if not drop it completely. I do not need to remember all the topics and minute details in the textbook for a test! I do not need to memorize everything in order to write it down as notes or answers. And that is just so amazing and also relieving.
We study usually from 2:15 to 5:15 or stop earlier if our target for the day is met. The Math textbook we use is the same but the method we follow or how we go about it, is decided by us. It is so much better and also surprising that we manage to finish it all so fast. My take on Math and the syllabus is still the same… (I haven’t begun geometry so I can’t tell anything about the fourth law of motion!) what I realise doing math is, that it is actually not as boring and monotonous as I thought it is! It is the way it is put and done!
When I learn it myself I enjoy it more than when anyone teaches it to me…I see that there are so many sums that are the same…doing it twice or thrice with different digits doesn’t make sense to me. It is like making noodles everyday just changing the vegetables you put! (I wouldn’t eat it every day and cooking it again and again??? Makes sense?)

English Vinglish!

Yes! No more murders…that too of my buddy English! No one dare! (I never knew home-schooling was also a method to stop murders!)
Homeschooling gives me the time to blog a lot which in turn helps me interact with many people and these guys are really articulate. No we do not meet no we do not talk, LITERALLY. But in each other’s comment sections and also on forums…then with so many on social networking sites, we converse over different and a varied number of topics…
This not only helps me interact with many people who are excellent in the language but also teaches me the art of interaction…the border line of being rude and polite…the line between being intrusive and making the other one feel that I am not respecting his/her privacy…it teaches me how to interact with people and reviewing others work in a manner where they also feel I am being honest and that I can say whatever I want to. Moreover, it tremendously improves my language and confidence.
I also hosted two seminars with children of different age groups where I spoke about two different topics-one of blogging and how the internet is a wonderful place to be….and the other one was with siblings and the importance of reading and instilling the joy of reading in younger siblings, and let them begin to read and make it like a habit at a young age…
They were 2 stark different experiences…in one I had to be sure of what I said and keep the audience lively…the topic of the internet could drive some people to sleep if they find it uninteresting. In the second one it was already a chirpy session, everyone was excited and enthusiastic…so I had keep dropping in the pinch of seriousness…but both ways it was enriching. It taught me to interact with different age groups of people and how to prove your point in a manner that everyone in the crowd understands, be it a four year old or an eighteen year old. Also , it taught me to speak in front of so many and then not stretch a topic….also teaching me to draw a line for myself and say, it’s enough said and move on to the next subject of discussion.
And as far as writing is concerned, I blog! So if I am able to prove what I want to say in 3000 words, then what is the point in writing a descriptive essay on the road from my school to home? Then, why should I limit myself to the fifteen minutes and only 400-500 words if I wish to write more. I believe that it is surely a skill to express more with fewer words. Sometimes it becomes important to elaborate on a topic, which needs more discussion…which needs to be talked about more than just 400 words…just like this one. I can’t tell you what we now do as homeschoolers in one page or 500 words…because it is scientifically impossible (unless I write in “8” – size font…I would lovingly do it, but I don’t want to trouble your headlights, poor things!!!)
Also, there is no point in writing and rewriting and writing again and revising and writing again…which I have already said…a thousand and one times!
A language is not just for communication. Mom says that a language is a weapon and I agree. It is what a person sees first in you…I feel that with command over at least one language makes you confident and helps one think faster…the more number of words you know, the more things you can convey in a manner that is convincing. And this is what all languages…be it Hindi, English or any other…
Being an Indian, it becomes necessary to know Hindi….if not impeccable but at least where one can understand what is written on sign boards and speaking to people…and at any point in anyone’s life, whichever country one belongs to, to know the language spoken there is significant… (At least by learning Hindi, I understand all dialogues in Hindi films! ;)
Yes, we are now free from ENGLISH VINGLISH AT SCHOOL!!!


No more exams, of course. It is a choice we made. That is because we believed that once we have read a chapter and we have understood, what is the need to write it as a test. Just to check if we remember what we wrote or read? Or to just put ourselves down when we get less marks…at the beginning, when I was still not quite out of the influence of school I believed giving exams was necessary. (I was somewhere between the drive through a rain shadow region…I was still inside those shadows…oblivious to the joy and refreshment the rain would bring along with them!!!)      
          Mom and Dad had told me that as the year will pass, I will also realise that there is no need of exams or to test myself in the manner schools did. I agreed but still had my doubts. Now that almost a year has passed I have already accustomed myself to “no tests at all”!
I am glad to realise… I am not bored if I do not give exams. I am not seeing any degradation or problem in myself if I do not give tests. But what I realise is also that I am not stressed, anxious or depressed. I am not under the pressure of performing well in any exams. I am not worried that what if I do worse than what I did previously. What I come to know is that I am so much more relaxed. I am not getting frustrated any more. I am happier than I used to be when I went to school because now I do not have to study things that I do not like, and then be tested for it.
It’s like testing a fish for climbing a tree and a bird for swimming…they’ll spend their lives thinking they are stupid if we test them for such things…they will not do what they are actually made by God for…if God has made the fish to swim in the ocean waters, how can it be made to swim and if the bird has been made to fly, how will it swim? Rather, WHY will it? Does it have a purpose to be fulfilled? Is there a concrete reason? Then why will they do it? Why should they? Similarly, a child is made to do math, and he wants to draw the beautiful scene outside him, where a bird egg is being hatched and a child is wanting to play chess and is truly good at it, he/she is made to draw, which he is unable to do! Does it make sense? No, not at all! That is because purposes aren’t served! There is no reason! There is no wish to do so! There is no motivation, just an imposed and compulsory rule that someone else wants the child to follow!
Imagine you are a nature lover and want to be with plants, animals and birds. Now imagine yourself amidst heaps of paper, fat textbooks and journals to be completed….how would you feel?
One argument you would give is…Schools teach all subjects so the child can choose for himself when he grows up! The child can choose from all subjects what he wants to do in life!
SUBJECTS??? What subjects? Math, Science, History, Geography, English, Hindi and just some subjects more??? Are these subjects…? How does a child learn about life? How is life lived? How are strong and bold decisions taken? Why taking a risk in life is important? Why don’t schools at least make children learn what they are actually going to face in life? Something called jealousy that they are definitely feeling already? Why aren’t these in the portion? How to deal with jealousy? How to face competition in a healthy manner? How to be diplomatic and when to be aggressive? What is the boundary between politeness and rudeness? How is confidence ingrained? Leadership qualities?
And the techno world of today is also not discussed! Social media? Blogging? Forums on the net? Latest trends? So much more! Isn’t ‘life’ what school is supposed to prepare children for? And where is ‘learning for life’ happening in any of the subjects I mentioned above or any subject schools teach? Even moral values and GK (General Knowledge) are just books where they keep talking about ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and is taken just like a formality.
General knowledge is not just who is the Prime Minister of India? It is also something like: Which is the most popular channel on YouTube? Critical appreciation can be done such as from your experiences say which is the best place to buy a book online? Which site gives the best quality, offers discount and value for money? Where can one find the guide to solve the Rubik’s cube…What are the steps involved? Which is a good science channel for learning science…??? There are so many, aren’t they? But is anyone even thinking about this at school? Are people actually talking about general knowledge? Are any such questions asked?
Why history? I believe the more we glorify our past the darker our future becomes! That is due to the way history is taught. If history is made a responsibility to be translated into an even more glorious future, it would be better than just rote memory….ask any child what they think about history! The answer will be mostly- It is about memorizing!
That will be the answer from majority of children! That is RAM. Temporary memory which will soon be forgotten!  So is history to be forgotten? If our past is forgotten, how will we be able to craft a better future? Mould generations into creations? Is it possible?
And Geography? If I know the basic features of a place, and I know the continents and the things I should know about our planet and solar system too, do I need to prove it? And that too about the climate in a particular region in a faraway country? Why by heart answer like the names of the industry and what is grown there and what is mined and the population over there? Is it important to know all that? Even if I visit North America, am I going to be asked the climate population per or the vegetation zones over there? Am I going to benefit by learning about it? oops…not learning…memorizing it! Maybe learning will benefit, but memorizing?
I do not want to say anything and trouble good ol’ math anymore because if it reads this article or any other it is sure to have a heart attack. Thousands will thank me for this, but I do not want to send anyone into a coma or the ICU…I will feel bad if this happens to math because of me!
Basically, the way the tests were taken and the way subjects were taught, and the subjects themselves were the true delinquency causing children to give up. Deadlines, rules and that too forced upon children make children to stop trying….and then stop learning…if children are tested in the correct manner, it will motivate them to learn and try to gain as much more knowledge they can on the subject!
Schooling is just one method of learning and education. The job and purpose of it is to make a child go forth and learn and explore more on what has been taught at school…and there is where it all begins…schools are teaching children, instead of guiding them to what they should do. But is the child wanting to research more on what he has been shown at school? No because he is not interested. All he knows is that he has to go and give an exam in some time and has to remember answers for it. He doesn’t know or rather doesn’t want to know something he has just begun learning. The process of learning stops even before beginning…out of fear. Fear of not fulfilling his or more than that, what others’ expectations are! Feeling that s/he will not be able to do well or perform in the exams…exams stop the process of learning….it encourages children to finish education or finish a learning process that is impossible…because education or learning cannot be completed or finished…it is a continuous process that happens simultaneously with life…but this system is causing not only disinterest in learning but also disinterest innovation!
And innovation….sadly, it is the base of invention…and invention the base of creation! Well, remember the beginning??? How are generations going to be transformed to creations without innovation? Isn’t this why schools are there? So why isn’t the purpose served? And the questions remain unanswered…but the alternative found…

No more annual days!

No more costumes! No more doing things or performances that I do not want to…no more doing anything on the stage without my own consent. Why should I do something told by anyone? Whenever, I was the part of any dance in school I felt awkward. I was usually at the back.
This year, on the teacher’s day I performed a dance, with my brother and a friend. It was a wonderful experience….not just performing but also practising. While dancing I realised that so much can be done while dancing. So much more can be INNOVATED in dancing. It is so much fun. I used to shy away from dancing earlier. We choreographed it ourselves! We did not require a trainer. I felt much better dancing when the dance was self-choreographed! The dances at schools would be boring, but ours was full of comedy and much livelier ! We did not dance like professionals but definitely enjoyed a lot! We made quite a lot of mistakes but we covered it up with our smiles! And the best part was that we practised and got the entire thing ready within a week which was just awesome!
I was also the host…it was impromptu. I had not practised it well and faltered a lot. I utilized a bit of my sense of humour and also got everyone laughing. This type of hosting never happened at school. Never once did anyone even laugh or giggle when the compere was speaking. I had also written the script myself so we could add a lot jokes.
We made it a point to enjoy the process and not make it boring for ourselves or the audience. It taught me to be spontaneous. Speaking on the school’s annual day stage was as good as someone putting a key into you and you walking and talking as you are programmed to. Speaking while hosting in the next experience was like actually hosting…the way you see people do in reality shows…with humour…on-the-spot-jokes and wise cracks…and also there was so much building of relationship…because I wasn’t alone…I had segments with different people…so to be with each person was different…we also had to adjust. Sometimes I would forget a dialog or two and sometimes the other one would…sometimes we would forget who has to perform next and would be reminded in a manner that aroused laughter all around.
Although there was no perfection there was joy…a feeling of satisfaction and happiness…that we have done this! We have enjoyed what we have made! We increase the respect we have for ourselves…we raise the image we have for ourselves….at the end of the day we aren’t sad because we messed up a step or two or forgot a dialog, because we liked what we did. And did what we liked!
So that is what an annual day should be like! Where at the end of the day the child feels happy and goes back with a feeling which says that he wants more such events…and not that he never ever wants to return again…or is unhappy with himself!
And that is not the only thing…what is more difficult than facing the camera, not for duck face selfies or just poses, but for an entire book review? When Mom and Dad suggested I was ready and even Shahaan was excited but when I actually came in front of the camera I got nervous at times…the first time it wasn’t really great and the second time it was better….and I hope that now it will be much better than what I did earlier coz I have done it twice…but it was very…so many wonderful things, even MS Word doesn’t have all the synonyms for the word now!
That’s what I feel about the annual days that I don’t miss at all…because there is so much more to do that is even more elevating…it makes us do more stuff that actually gets us to learn more…homeschooling doesn’t do it…homeschooling gives us the freedom, energy and time to do so…it uplifts our thinking and helps us do differently…plus, we have parents who understand that at the right time what guidance needs to be imparted…what does the child need to learn and at what point in his life.
When I wanted to read a particular book, Mom told me that I should read it later on…and I actually understood it later…when I read the book. I wouldn’t have understood anything if I had read it earlier and missed out on thrill! Dad is the one who tells us that what has to be said…he helps out with the techno part….in the review for example-he would tell that what I could say and what I can’t…what more improvisation can be done…but what is important is that they allow me to learn…self-learn…I talk so much about them because they are now like the principals of our school…they set the principles that we have to follow!
Social Life As A Homeschooler for us:
Now, homeschooling is not a familiar topic in our society. Not many are accustomed to this. Everyone even in our building and many among our friends do not nod and say OKAY when we tell them we are homeschooling. And this topic is definitely going to come! That is because imagine any conversation with someone you meet in your building…if it’s a first time introduction and you don’t have much to talk about, anyone will ask you about your school. Even we are asked a lot of times. And when we tell them we homeschool…it’s hilarious sometimes…sometimes people go crazy and do not believe us at all…sometimes they think that we are cracking a joke when we say “No school”. The inquisitive ones ask some really stupid but funny questions that make us laugh a lot…
When we informed my grandfather he offered us financial help thinking that was our reason. When we told one of our friends’ mother she laughed thinking we were kidding… (No aunty! We aren’t!!!) 
Another friend didn’t believe me and doesn’t believe even today….he feels I am pulling his leg (I would never…his legs stink!). Some people asked where we go to homeschool…?
2 minutes of silence for them! Now the answer…We go to home…for homeschooling…!!!
And then someone asked how do we get ourselves enrolled in homeschooling? And then someone asks…How much is the cost of homeschooling…? .This question came from a highly educated person…!
There are also some sensible questions that shoot up….like Why do you homeschool? If I could copy and paste the URL of my blog on the palm of the person I would! However, technological advance hasn’t yet taken place to that level! Otherwise I would, I swear I would…just to save my energy!
Sometimes it is fun answering such questions and when I feel that this guy is genuinely interested in what I just said…HOMESCHOOLING!!! Many of my friends going to school believe that homeschooling is a better alternative…and they would do for sure if their parents allowed them to…!
We sometimes need to be really smart…we know we are homeschooling and people are going to surprised and we are going to talk for hours…whenever this lovely topic is initiated!
It is not going to be a short one definitely, if not for hours! People ask questions one after the other…about exams…about how we study now…about how we go about it…and a huge array of questions…so we are always prepared for it from an uncle or aunty or the watchman…by chance anyone spots us carrying eggs to home during school hours and provided they have a lot of spare time, then they will surely ask me, “School nahi hain kya?” or if someone spots my long hair, “Is this allowed in your school?” and then I tell I am homeschooling….they give me either an envious or confused smile…I can’t discuss everything about homeschooling because they do not have as much patience as you do…to listen to my entire journey…
 Education is not a mere stacking of degrees….it is a learning process….learning and education both are different terms…but actually the same…education can come to an end when school ends…or when you stop collecting degrees!!! But learning never begins….never ends….you learn everything…ever since you are born…till the day your presence is there in this universe…you learn about life…you learn about yourself…and if you learn while you are in the process of education, then amazing…
This entire story was about How I Learnt Learning
We have learnt a lot…tennis, the Rubik’s cube, chess, how to face the camera, writing blogs, editing movies, interacting on social media, loom bands, how to answer questions, how to speak to people in the correct manner, also the formal curriculum…to name a few but most importantly, we learnt learning…but nothing compared to what more life is going to teach me…no, life wont teach….life will only guide me through itself….I will learn from it…
and the journey ends at its beginning…
                                 Learnt By : Shahen Pardiwala
                                 Taught By: ________________

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