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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Relationship Circle

MY  WORLD..........

                   Relationship Circle_____________

Over billions of people are living in this great big world, out of which you ‘are in a relationship' with most of them...and oh please do not get me wrong because if you get me wrong I am afraid you are maybe not getting me...
        I bet you know that we are seeing million, talking to a thousand and living with only a few people in our world!!!Now, for an instant example for our ‘Instant Age’, you eat chocolates, how would you classify them? The ones you like, the ones you hate and the ones you are OK with...the same is with relations, you have a group of people you simply say a 'Hi Hello' and the next it's a plain 'Au revoir'. The other group is the people you possess somewhat conditional love...And the last of them all are the ones you possess unconditional true love, and mind you it’s not 'like',I clearly said 'love'...
    Coming back to the first group, I would like to call it 'the Hi, Hello, Saw you’ band. You like it, eh? Now, the people you have such a relationship with do not influence you or play an important role in your life...Now if you have a friend(who maybe is in the 'Hi Hello band')has a jazzy pen and you want one too, I wouldn't call it an influence('stupid influence' may go well with it)...If you tell one of these people are truly inspiring you then maybe they should be promoted(you know where, ofcourse)...Common feelings and situations with these type of people maybe unwanted jealousy, misunderstandings, helpfulness, guilt and you need to cope up with them because  even if you fight with your best friend and call him your worst enemy your heart is going to burst with grief for you have lost a relationship...One last thing,
 the' Hi Hello relationship band’ has quick makeups and even quicker breakups...So, Watch Out...!!!
     The next people, if you remember are  the ones you possess conditional love with. For instance again, you love your uncle only because he bought you a flashy cycle with gears and all but you avoid your aunt because she is too particular with habits and manners and is strict.  So what is this?
Simple conditional love! These people are fewer in number as 'not all hearts love on conditions...' Some people unconsciously do what we call ‘ Attention Seeking’, you know…They do it to get your attention towards them…they do not exactly or rather actually love you with the bottom of their heart! The ones who ask younger children whom he or she likes better, is nothing but attention seeking. These relations might be long lasting as our attention seeking lot in and around the family are having a life as long as you and I do not think they are going to change…However they are not closely knit like the closer ones (we will discuss about ‘the closer ones’ later). It’s like their entry makes you feel like ‘cherry on the sundae’ and by an hour or so you are bored and now they give you the feeling ‘very boring Sunday’!!! They may be somewhat of an influence…Now to maintain such a relation you need to be tolerant, (sorry to be mischievious)  a bit demanding and most of all you need to be ready for sudden arguments…And most importantly, I would call them the ‘Close to Heart but a Mile Away’ folks….
                       It would be an understatement to call the other group of people ‘people’ because they have engraved, or actually our own self has engraved their names on our own hearts because these people possess unconditional love with us…I always like to give a living example as I always do and again it’s me myself- How much ever my mom scolds me, I love her… How much ever I sulk over my Dad’s strictness, I go back in his lap again and give him a kiss, even if I tease my brother( If you are following me, you will know him, if out of his tolerance, we love each other.And that’s it, a living example…!!! Unconditional love!!! Now here we come back to our very first stanza, and this group of people are told be having a “RELATIONSHIP” with. We share our dinners with them, though the telly comes sometimes in the scene, we work for each other, we give gifts to each other, with our true hearts, not the ‘second group’ types, we fight and then laugh, punch one and then play, give a push and then watch a movie together… !!!And remember these relations last life long, provided you preserve them with a sense of responsibility, love, tolerance, faith and worldly bliss…….
I’d like to call this relationship group ‘Silver Thread Relationship’ group as a thread has a very long life
but unless it is handled with care it has its own effects…!!!


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