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Monday, February 18, 2013

In school...I have LEARNT…

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In school...I have LEARNT…

 bet most of you might have read ‘All the World’s A Stage’ by William Shakespeare…There are seven stages in a man’s life- The infant, The school boy, The Lover, The Soldier, The Justice, The Old man and finally the mere Oblivion
I, most of all would never forget the School Boy that once I was or rather- Once I am…
Right now I have finished ten years of schooling and am left with four long years of the same and yet I have a lot of things to learn!!! Right now I haven’t started with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, the detailed Geometry and Algebra… I haven’t learnt them… But there are many other things I have to learn! I have to learn to make friends( That’s the reason I’m reading “MAKING FRIENDS” by Andrew Matthews), learn to tolerate, learn to receive a spanking, learn to see my graph go down even if it was high through the term, learn to take teasing, learn to tolerate gossip, learn to stop being self-conscious and live a life…!!! Oh God! Are 4 years enough???
Nevertheless I am going to share what I have learnt…I am not at all teaching you basic maths or how to write a letter but am going to tell you something about students…Only if you have read my previous blog- “THE RELATIONSHIP CIRCLE” you would know that I love deciphering things in groups… So, here again I have deciphered students in groups- 1)Posh group(ones who study hard and get their rewards)     2)Labourers( ones who do their best but can’t achieve their goals)          3)The Brats (the ones who do not want to do anything and get the same)
4) The Paralysed (the ones who just cannot)
The others are quite well – known as their population levels are truly very high, but the Paralysed aren’t noticed at all…
WE do say that there are a lots of dyslexic students in the world but is there anyone to do something about it? A normal person would say,” No” I say ,”Yes”... coz there are institutions to look after them! Actually now also the regular schools take adequate amount of steps to look after them… But here we not only are talking about the Dyslexic, we are also talking about the Different ones… Now, the question is, “Who are the “whatever” you call them?’’ I simply say, ‘These are the different ones!!!’ Now, such students are not having a disability to read or memorise, it’s that they are not paid attention to because of their PHYSICAL BEHAVIOUR!!! They are like they go and hug a teacher just when she is giving some important notes or maybe they go now and then to the staff room without specific reasons, they just go to sleep for hours during lectures and wake just three minutes before the recess bell goes, they do not know their limits… And because of all this the teacher who does not understand his problem throws him out of the class and the desperate child is teased out of his life by the ones who actually have to give him a hand!!!
The counsellor is tired of this one boy harassing the helpless boy but she can’t keep a check on them all day… She’s busy!!! And in this hopeless circle the child who has to learn the basics is teased and there is no one special to look after him and here it’s not the boy’s fault(alone) nor nature’s(alone), nor the school’s(alone), nor the parent’s(alone) , nor the counsellor’s(alone), - And I hope you have definitely noticed the “(alone)s” , Because it’s a collective fault of each… 75% of parents, 15% school’s, 9% nature’s, And 1% of the boy!!!
 Now, you might be thinking it should be vice versa. What’s the parent’s or school’s fault? Ultimately the boy is NATURALLY like that and HE should do something *&^%$#@!!!WRONG!!!@#$%^&*If someone is at fault it is highly of the parents! Don’t they know that there are a lots and lots of institutes in India to take care of these cases but have they done anything? No! Some have but not all… A living example- A boy in my class… All these problems, I know from him! He is in a ‘regular’ school by which I mean where normal students come to learn and have the ability to do so…these students (paralyzed ones) do have the ability to do the same but they have higher obstacles to jump over than just marks…!!!
And then why haven’t his parents put him in a school where he will be taken care of…I am not saying the school is not doing good, but their best has to be better but can they do it in such a busy and rough schedule???
 No! Of course not! And when I say ‘School’s’ fault I do not mean the entire system, it’s just that the classmates have to be a bit courteous and considerate with the child and the teachers have to know( I come back there again )that HE IS “DIFFERENT”. They need to know that he has to be treated in a different manner, unlike others, he can’t be shouted for every silly thing he does… He has to be gently explained even if he can’t or doesn’t understand.
“Searching faults is less effective than searching for remedies.”
And in such a case, first of all, the parents have to be assertive and put the child in a special institute.
Secondly, if the child is put in a ‘regular’ school, the authorities have to know about the problem and knowing is not just sufficient, it has to be analysed and applied. And if the school isn’t ready to take the responsibility of a “DIFFERENT” child, they should not and be declarative! And as I say
                                        “DIFFERENCE” HAS TO BE HANDLED WITH“DIFFERENCE”…!!!
                                         So handle thy Differently!!!
By Shahen  Pardiwalla
If you have any suggestions or remarks on this grave issue, you may contact me by sending a mail at
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