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Friday, June 21, 2013

Thank God it's Friday...!!!

MY  WORLD..........

                          Thank God it's Friday...!!!

         Today was tiring, today was fun, today was exciting, today was wonderful...Today I learnt a lot...I enjoyed...But, the reason is  Thank God it's Friday...!!!
         I'll go step by usual I got up or rather was woken up at somewhere ten minutes to seven. I brushed my teeth, drank my milk and lazed around a bit.I lifted my bag, then left with my dad and bro to the 'bus stop', giving mom a flying kiss as I left. We had to wait for less than usual for the bus today. Today was my turn to take the 'window seat', however, Shahaan was reluctant...I had no choice...
         We passed by the auditorium, reading the board, 'Investiture Ceremony 2013-2014', by which we had the feeling , that 2 periods are going to be missed! We reached the second floor, where Shahaan's class is located. I kissed him and then we left. It is really a burden to climb five floors with  bags heavier than our shoulders, which is however not noticed by us when we have company. 
          When, I finally reached the fifth floor, I advanced towards my class. The first assembly bell had already gone and we were ready for the assembly. The assembly had no interesting news today. 
           The first period was evaluation period but was shifted to the eight period.  I was well prepared for the evaluation. After the evaluation we had our lunch and got ready for the last 3 periods. After dispersal I trotted on to the bus and we left for home. I was very excited because I with three of my friends and brother had planned to make vegetable sandwiches that afternoon at one of my friend's house.
       When I reached home, I spotted one of the stray dogs, which was a bit unique from others had returned after a long time. I with my friend(on whose house the sandwich party was planned) went to bring some milk for the dog. on the errand he said that his mum did not approve of the party being at their home as they had some guests there. We then met up at 20 minutes to 4.
       I got some bread, a cucumber and some money with which I bought some "masala"(ginger, tea leaves, herbs and green chillies .We took it and made a chatni(a green, spicy, paste to put in sandwiches instead of sauce) which takes 3 minutes to be made in the mixer but we took an hour or so, as we were naive to the process.We cut the veggies, applied butter on the slices of bread, applied the "chatni" and devoured the sandwiches. We also enjoyed the orange juice with or rather after the sanwiches.
            We went and sold the paper given by dad to me. We got forty, and kept them with us. We bid each other farewell, but promising to meet the next day, and left. 
              Now i write this article, dwelling on the day's achievements and now I say-

                                   Thank God it's Friday...!!!

                                                                                            SHAHEN  PARDIWALA

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