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Monday, May 26, 2014

Report~Projects Fair-Mumbai.

                         Report~Projects Fair-Mumbai.

It was a lovely day, where like-minded people came together and formed an event which was learning as well as fun-filled experience.
The day began with people navigating to the venue. This took a lot of time and some of the participants, thanks to traffic woes, entered late. 
However, the ones who entered earlier and had succeeded in finding the venue on time began their preparations.

Each one was allocated a table. Rather, each selected a table for themselves. By 11 a.m. everyone was ready with their projects.

Children had begun to display and present what they had created. After that, for the coming one and a half hour there was excitement and lots of enthusiasm in the under construction twelfth floor flat.

                                               Each project was displayed independently by the children. The projects were related to acids and bases, essential oils, rainwater harvesting, circuits, working of fountain, magnets, mathematical tables among others.

           Dr.Mathews and Miss Grace Mathew covered all the projects live.

The certificates for participation were handed over to all the participants.


We had Mr.Puneet Bhatnagar singing a song"Creative Keeda"  It was a really good thought. His idea about invention and exploration was thought provoking.

Lunch was a varied fare of various homemade foods. Peanut butter sandwiches, rice, rajma, theplas and more delicious homemade food.

Dumb charades was a unique idea. The scene, invention and scientist had to be guessed. Although, there seemed to be lots of excitement and competition in the room, especially among the elders; the little ones chickened out and began playing with each other.

After dumb charades, everyone gathered to play Pictionary. It enhanced the fun element and made each child and parent get involved in the game. 

   Some of our most feeble artists, tried to make the people guess what they drew. It was hilarious.

                After the fun filled game of Pictionary there was a tea and coffee break while Dr.Mathews and Mr.Otta were preparing for their discussion on sound.

 The discussion with Dr.Mathews and Mr.Otta gave a lot of information on sound. 

 Concepts of types of sound, ultra sound and others enhanced the knowledge of all. Dr.Mathew talked more about the ultra sound, its application and Doppler.

.Mr.Otta talked more about the ships and Sound under the sea. However, new concepts like the ballasting and other such concepts were interesting. After this, Mr. Nikhil Trivedi also shared some information in relation with sound and ancient Indian knowledge. The presenters had worked hard and made brilliant presentations.

              No doubt we saw a lot of creativity in the science projects; hoping to have more such events on other varied topics as well.

              All in all it was a good attempt to bring all the people together.

                             It was a fun filled day and we look forward to much more days and opportunities to portray confidence, independence, creativity, a field of interest and socialize with like-minded people.

 So, Three Cheers to Home Schooling…!!!

                                                                                by ~  Shahen Pardiwala   ~

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