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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

~First Rains 2014~

                   ~First Rains 2014~

                 Today, after a sweaty and hot summer ,the rains have finally blessed Mumbai. It all began with large nimbus clouds which covered the entire sky. By 7:00pm, it was as dark as 8:30pm of the rest of summer.
                 I, on the persistent demand of my younger brother was down,playing. He was adamant and wanted me to play cricket with me after we had finished our work which had been planned for the day. He was unable to finish any work. He had got the bulaava of his friends within 2 hours of waking up. He was off to play with his friends.
             Meanwhile, I wrote a chapter of Hindi. It was after a long time that I had written anything with pen and paper. The entire May, I was always typing. The long halt had taken a toll on my handwriting.
               I wondered, a month back, I wrote tons of material. Today, after writing a single page, I was exhausted. My fore arm pained a bit. However, I did complete the work that had been designated to me(by myself), with success.
               Even now I am not writing, I am typing. I felt that although this is my chilling time(keeping May's timetable in mind), I should write this article . I realized that no one would be interested in reading about the first rains once winter begins(that's how the work usually gets prolonged).
          Getting back to the first rains, we were in our society playground where each boy dreamt of becoming a great cricketer. One thinks he is a class spinner while the other wonders how he will hit the winning six for India in the 2035 world cup.
            Each catch incurs lots of happiness and enthusiasm. Similar to the happiness incurred after winning a lottery of 10 crores.
            However, boys are boys. A game doesn't last long when we boys play it.      
                      Misunderstandings, fights, and of course the everlasting Indian, cricket spirit to win. After playing 2 matches or so, we could see the oldies of our building, on their evening walk, or rather "evening sit". Once we have all of them sitting on all possible places. The game ended there .        
                Everyone got engaged in their prolonged boring talk. Of cars, bikes, bats, players, movies; which I am never interested in. And nor is anybody. Something has to be done. Something to occupy them for a long time; until someone suggests some game, the oldies leave for dinner or till everyone is bored and leave for home.
               I chickened out of the conversation. So did Shahaan and his friends. I could very well see large nimbuses spread out in the sky as I lifted my head up to give those high catches to Shahaan and his friends. One of those catches hit a honey comb.
               However, we forgot it once one of our friends, the last one to have chickened out of the conversation said he felt water droplets falling on him.
                By then, I was too bored and almost had left for home. I told that it might have been the AC in the club(somewhere I myself wished that they were the droplets of the first rain. It had been steaming hot that day and I was visualizing the cold water of either our shower or the much expected rain.)
                 And yes, it then drizzled. I could see those tiny wet patches of the drizzle. It was much likely to rain. For quite some time I waited and observed those huge nimbuses. They signalled a shower.
                    If it wouldn't have been for the rain I wouldn't have any reason to call in such a hurry; in order to give the good news to my parents. However, in a lot of excitement and enthusiasm I called a wrong person.
            I ceased my excitement. Then, I decided to go and give the news personally.
                By the time I gave the news and was back I could already feel and see that there was a sense of bonhomie all around. I could see each boy in the playground either dancing or running about in the rain. The oldies had pulled their chairs and sat, under the first covered and well protected area they could find.
                Each mother was seen calling out their respective child. All the mothers shared a mutual fear of their children getting a flu, or catch some virus. Each mother warned her child to not get too wet, except mine.
               The over smart ones, or maybe stupid ones suggested that all of us should play carrom in the club. It was rather a stupid idea.
              I had carried a rubber ball. I was the only gracious one. To give my ball and play squash. Something innovative? By the time we finished a game it had stopped raining.
               Only after I got wet in the rain did I realize  how hot the summer was.
        And Oh! What a relief it was to see it raining. To see the tree leaves wet.
       To see each chair covered with water. To see the entire ground wet.
       To see myself drenched in water after being drenched in sweat the rest of summer.
      To see happiness all around.
      To see my younger brother dancing about in the rain after coughing and sneezing the entire afternoon.
     And of course, a new blog topic to write about.
         Now that it's been almost been two months since I am homeschooling. I now contemplate.          Now I shall never just sit in the classroom and view the rain.
    Now I can dance in the rain-whenever it pours, whenever I see those nimbuses in the sky, whenever I feel like.
   Without thinking about any test the next day.      Without worrying about a cough.
   No matter how much I get wet, or how much it rains, I don't care. It's about how much I shall enjoy.
  Finally, I realize that it's not just farmers who are happy when it rains!
                                                   -by Shahen Pardiwala

©Shahen Pardiwala

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