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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Magnificent Mary, Magnificent movie...

              Magnificent Mary, Magnificent Movie...

         Nearly 2 and a half billion of citizens in India! 650 million women! The same number of men! But only one Mary Kom! At the age of 31, this lady already has written an autobiography, has won the 3rd highest civilian award and has a movie released and already successful within a span of two days.
         Some at this stage are yet to stabilize their career, some yet to complete their academics and many yet thinking of what they want from life. The reason why there is just one Mary Kom is because she crossed the line. ??? This is another must watch video.
Yes she did. It doesn’t have her mention but has a connection with her life. Because this is what she did-crossed the line! She committed her life to boxing. She focused. She dedicated her life to it. She did not get pulled down by any relationships, credit to her hubby-Onler. Wait a minute, should anyone be pulled down by relationships?
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She wasn’t deterred due to gender bias. She didn’t get discouraged by the many many obstacles that lay in her path to what she wanted to achieve-her goal.    
Back to the film: 
It is a beautifully directed 120 minute film on Mary Kom. This film has Priyanka Chopra gotten into the shoes of Mary Kom, playing…enacting…no living the life of this living legend- Mary Kom.                     
           Repeating the name is incorrect literature, notwithstanding what it stands for-Her achievements, dedication and commitment.
          It is directed in the most subtle manner, conveying more speaking less. No over dramatized scenes. No unnecessary dialogs, no stupid songs for any sort of cinematic relief. The story is told in the most refined manner!
 There is no section, in this film where there is a halt where you feel nothing is happening (except the interval! Too much happens in the first one hour which leaves you with high expectations from the next) It is a quick paced film.
     Yet, justice has been done to each aspect of Her life- from being an ambitious teenager who is stubborn but dedicated to her dream...shown in just one song: Ziddi Dil
Abhi tak toh fighter hain! Par tum sikhaayega toh
boxer  bhi ban jaayenga!!!
    …With Coach Sir finally giving into this stubborn girl. “Tu bahut ziddi hain.”  

      When asked to select between her father, and Boxing without any long drawn scene full of typical Filmi dialogs, she tells that nothing is going to stop her from becoming a boxer!!!
    Just a simple “Boxing!!!”. Now you would expect her to pack her bag and run away from her home. But no!!!
     Now, if I tell you the entire story of this film on the very third day of its release, then I am being unfair to the producers who have invested in a masterpiece.
From a teenager she reaches that stage when she falls in love. No, neither in the rain nor in her saheli's sagaai!  But she has found a really better and more caring husband then any of those who fell in love on the tunes of Palat or Saturday Saturday. 
     And yes, that moment when she wins her first world championship-that happiness that thrill that WOW I’ve done it kind of feeling” and her father... Although sad and upset at the beginning is now proud and smiling. He looks into her eyes that appear to be looking at her through the television. There is this telepathic communication, though, a distance of hundreds of kilometers lies between them.
      Next, she moves on to say YES to Onler, who proposed by her, at a Pani puri stall, just before the final. Coach Sir however, is unhappy, he feels it shall destroy Mary’s career. She’d be bound by relationships, children and customs.
    Of course, it is out of concern for his favorite student (most probably) .He doesn’t give in easily-as stubborn as his pupil.
 Later, Mary becomes pregnant. This is the phase where she begins missing boxing. Here, I admired the way her withdrawal symptoms were portrayed (now, I prefer keeping this a secret!).
   Throughout her delivery, she expectantly wants to know if she will be able to do boxing again, she regrets this fact! No not a fact…!!!
   Because her will, determination and support from her hubby dear helps her to give a comeback.
She spends quite a long time in nurturing her twins- she (PC) plays the role of a mother with conviction. But does it mean she is done? After becoming the third time boxing world championship, she gets married, gives birth to children; so, her career is over?
      This scene where she is sitting in a bus opposite a man talking to his daughter: “If you study, you see this aunty here (pointing at MaryKom, PC whatever, by this point you already begin believing that Priyanka is indeed Mary Kom). She will give you Mary Kom’s autograph!!!
            Here a quick insight has been given as to how quickly people forget. How short lived is the public’s memory. Even a woman, who achieved a feat that no one else possibly could, she is neglected, forgotten and no more respected. All the pomp, show, celebration, recognition only till she is in the eye of the people!
However, she goes forth and fights the national level boxing round. Here, she loses to a junior. An official to be blamed for this! He had a grudge against Mary because she had got mad at this guy earlier.
“India mera dharm hain!!!”
  She knows she has won the game. She knows that she has hit her more number of times. She knows she ought to win. She knows they aren’t letting her win because she is from Manipur. But she knows she has won for INDIA! But why isn’t there any justice? All this anger is shown in a scene- full of rage and fury. “India mera dharm hain!!!”

     From here begins a story where she goes back to her coach and trains to become the boxer she was. She has to build up stamina. Remember and recollect all that she requires. But for this she needs her coach sir. As she says,”Apke bina hum boxing kar sakta hain, jeet nahi sakta!”
          Coach Sir prepares Mary to now get ready to fight all odds. She has to begin from scratch, but one thing is in her favor- her will.
Next, she goes back into her “Dus by Dus ka duniya”, the boxing ring. She reaches the final. Here, she has to face the ruthless Sasha, who Mary defeated to win her first Gold in the world championship. But before this she finally words her feelings for the abusive official(the one that she threw the chair on):

Kisiko itna bhi mat darao ki darr hi nikal jaye!!!

The news of her child Nainai, having a hole in his heart had been kept a secret to avoid it to hinder in her training. But when it is disclosed to her, she breaks down. The heart of a mother sinks with grief, fear and helplessness.
The first two rounds of the finals see Mary being punched and whacked, bleeding….but this is not as pain inducing and grievous as is the situation of Mary at the moment. The next five minutes are…cannot be described with words. Heart breaking certain moments…where your heart screams “Fight Mary fight! And then it says wake Nainai, breathe!!! Although, you have researched wiki and know that nothing’s going to happen to Nainai, you are broken along with everyone else when the heart pulse reads 0_________________
And when Nainai gets another life, Mary’s heart says, “Everything’s good with your child”, she fights back and in a span of seconds knocks down her opponent. 

She is given the title “Magnificient Mary”.

Then, the coach assisting him (not coach sir!) assures her with thumbs up that everything is okay.

     She looks at the national flag with pride. She knows she has made everyone proud. She has made Tonpa(her father) proud. She has made Akham (her mother) proud. She has made Coach Sir proud. She has made her village proud. She has made her tribe-Kom proud. She has made Onler (her husband) proud. She has made that guy who had a grudge proud. She has made the gunda of her town proud. She has made her children proud! She has made her country proud of her! She has made INDIA proud!!!

Jai Hind!!!
But most importantly, she doesn't regret crossing the line...!!! she is proud of herself!  She is Proud of Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom!!!

                          punched in by:                                                        Shahen Pardiwala

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