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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tummy Or Yummy???

                     Tummy Or Yummy???

  Food’s yummy,
            But what about my tummy???
over eating

This question pops up to me when I am on the dinner table…it pops up to any foodie who is enjoying Chinese fried rice! Licking his fingers covered with chicken curry! Savouring the taste of the vegetable biryani!
 It may come up to a son having his mother’s home-made chapatti-sabji. A wife eating a delicious soup made by her husband! Friends munching on a franky after a tiring cricket match!
 This is a question that each one who is in front of the so-called energy giver, stomach-filler, muscle-builder, nutrient-provider, but most importantly taste bud soother: Food! This is my interpretation; dictionaries can go take a jump!!! (I’m sure dictionaries are well-equipped to find at least one place where they can safely jump!!!)
But, then there’s another devil-question:
Should I listen to my tummy?
I’ll miss the taste of this amazing Manchurian rice if I do so! I’ll miss the rajma-chawal if I do so! What’s wrong in just one last helping? Nothing! Let me go and tickle my taste buds…But then there’s dilemma. Mom says it’s bad for your tummy, to over eat! The science magazine says, “Over eating causes headaches, acne! But just look at this gravy, dude!!!”
Now, here, listen to your taste buds! Okay…do not go over-board; sometimes I do too...But then it hurts my tummy…At the same time (or maybe half an hour ago) I relished those delicious pastas in white sauce. [You may choose red, but white is always better ;)]
Here’s what Mr.Me does:{MS Word is underlining “Mr.Me”…it has absolutely no sense of humour. Dumb Cat!!!}
I just take a small little helping, just for the taste. But then those three morsels are made the show stopper! I don’t exactly close my eyes, just cut off from the television (bah!, shoot down that idiot box!!!)
Television While Eating!!!

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 I focus on the food and enjoy what I’ve kept aside. TV has become a huge enemy- yes, an enemy but one that we are totally unable to cut off from. The rest of the dinner-I do relish; I am a dedicated foodie! However, the feeling of taking in the food is mixed up with the hero killing the villain or sometimes the mother-in-law firing her daughter-in-law (maybe for wearing modern clothes!)
              The point is- the meal usually is not savoured-and the deserved respect not given to the one who has spent his/her time making that food: A mother has cooked it for children-even if it is ordered food, a cook taken the effort of cooking it-someone has delivered it. In most cases, it may be you yourself who has cooked the food! Wow! Now do you deserve respect?
It’s not about switching off the TV. Nor am I telling you to do so. It’s unreasonable; at least in 2014! Of course not, the dinner time and my favourite serial’s timings coincide. Then what do I do? I eat. I watch the TV. But while I eat I need to remember a few points:

Ø  Someone has dedicated time to cook this food. I need to respect that fact. If its me who’s cooking and me who’s disrespecting- I don’t know how to get myself kicked.
Ø   The food I am eating is vegetables, a farmer’s hard work, and nature’s gift.           Farmer working in a field
Ø  I know how much I want and how much I can eat. I’ll take no more that causes waste. I have a voluntary system within, I don’t allow the TV remote to control it.

Ø  There’s a tummy down there that is an organ-I have no right to abuse it. It’s no Virar-local that can be stuffed anyhow.
                                                   Virar Local
Ø  That’s it, now Mr.Me can enjoy dinner!!!

    What would a website be like without people, let alone features, options and fancies?
So what would the body be like without food? So, I need to eat-it’s a sin to keep oneself hungry when s/he feels the need to eat something! Not for stupid reasons at least…one faces himself for this! Facing yourself is more challenging than facing anyone else!!!

So even when we eat with the television screen in front of us, we shouldn’t over eat…
In my view, anything eaten happily, with a smile, being enjoyed-is what keeps us healthy! It’s not about hogging or voraciously stuffing the mouth!!!
It’s about enjoying the food-no matter if you are the last one to get up from the table, no matter if you finish after all the utensils are in the dish washer or washed…
So, go ahead and enjoy the biryani rice that’s just arrived on your dinner table…
But have you decided YUMMY or TUMMY?

                                       TASTE BUDS or STOMACH? Go Comment. It’s the food for da soul of da blog!!!

                                                        fed by: Shahen Pardiwala!!!

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