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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Can Writers Bring Social Changes?

              Can writers bring change in the society? 

But, first of all, what does a "change in the society" mean to us? A social change, literally is an alteration in the way something happens in society. Any change, be it for the good or bad of the society, whether it causes happiness or sorrow, has a reason, sometimes several. 
        And at the same time, it has a cause. What we need to find out is, are writers one of the causes? Is the change good or bad? Is it, in any way, a change? Let's find out...
Formation of democratic government, replaced the age old monarchy. Was it a good change? Not for all, but for many.
One cannot please all. Similarly, one situation, change, or thing cannot be expected to be accepted by all!
But, we shall first see if writers are capable to bring about change. These, now a huge bunch of people who spend time writing content for their blog, site or book, are capable of bringing about change. Anyone, in fact is capable to do it. If Mark Zuckerberg  Sergey Brin , Larry Page, Dhirubhai Ambani, or all those who we take inspiration from can do it, why can't we?
To take a really simple example, can you notice, that there is a slight decrease in the number of crackers being burst this Diwali. Why do you think this happened. Its social media! There were many sites and advertisements promoting To have a green, or pollution free Diwali. ,any have, including me written against crackers! The margin is slight but it is happening. One day it will come to an end. 
        But this decrease, was it me? Just me writing a single article, half a dozen tweets and two to three FB posts. They were those so many number of articles, ads and people, who we call writers and bloggers who brought this change.
So, it isn't just one writer or one article or one tweet that brings about a change. It needs people to come together. No need to meet up, the internet has brought the world closer anyways.
         It requires thousands of people striving for the change. A "writer" can only take the initiative to begin the process of bringing about a change. Only "writers" can make it happen.
But the next question is, how does this happen? This happens over a period of time. A change can come along, only if, as I earlier said, collectively. 
      If a change is important and from the point of view of one person, and not in agreement with others, it may never happen. For a change to happen, it needs to be in acceptance with everybody concerned.
Can only writers on the internet bring this about? Not necessarily! It can also be a number of writers- sometimes it may be book writers, novelists and bloggers collectively.
 And, what about the people who are neither readers of books, nor on the internet? Not all people have good literary skills. But they are a part of society. So, if there is a change in society that they are against, and are unaware of it, they will continue doing something the way they have been doing it.
There are crackers being burst. There has been a change due to the articles, but not as much, that the ones who want to change would like. 
         Many continue to burst crackers, so, the articles are a waste over them. Hence, for a change to take place, not only writers but also readers are required.
Even after all this, if we have crackers not being burst by many, we have crackers being burst by even more people.        So, the writing world is limited to bring about a change in readers, who are able to read their articles. But wait a second, if the change is limited to a small sect of people in the society, is it a change in the society?
      It is a minute, slight change, but a change nevertheless! But can you consider a change in the one tenth part of the society as a change? A change in society, has to be complete, but a change is a change is a change!
So, we come back to the question of questions: Can writers bring about change in the society? And the debate is endless...

                                                                          changed by-Shahen Pardiwala

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