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Monday, November 3, 2014

When the Ink, Literally runs Dry!

               Recently, I visited the Tata lit fest. There were a bunch of accomplished writers who spoke on a topic that aroused a lot of curiosity in me. “When the ink runs dry!” We experience that don’t we? When there ain’t no inspiration to write about and nothing more to share…we keep staring at the blank document. Ask me! It is the most awful feeling a writer can have! But, something even more awful and frustrating is when the ink, literally runs dry!
When the ink dries

When you are looking for a paper to scribble your amazing idea, that beautiful poem, and you don’t find it! And what if your pen’s ink dries up! What do you do?
We writers prefer jotting down the ideas that we get for our next venture quickly, so that it doesn’t slip our mind.  We write it down on a sheet of paper. Quickly! Just a few words or sentences that may later remind us to write about it…but then there are times, when we aren’t able to.
           Even the phone battery runs out so you have no choice but to press it hard on your mind, and then wait for the time to come…the time when you have your resources in place and can pen down or rather type what you had felt. But until that moment comes, when you have the laptop in front of you, and finally you can write, there is a phase of helplessness, and frustration. If you don’t have anything to write, it’s bearable to wait for ideas and inspirations to come to you…but when there are emotions and feelings vigorously trying to get out on paper, and you aren’t able to write is the point when you feel hopeless.
You feel as if you have a laptop but absolutely no electricity at home to make it work…that feeling cannot be compensated…that is one such sensation that makes you feel lonely! I had it quite a few time…especially when I am out or writing on paper…I try with at least five to six pens before I actually get one that lasts for 30 seconds...
And by the time I get my pen, or the laptop I have lost the inspiration. I have actually lost the essence of what I wanted to write. It’s like having billions but not having a single desire….it’s like having lots of chefs and food but no hunger…it’s a feeling I seldom get, as I earlier said, but when I get it, it is painful!
All I can say, while I convince you and myself, is that ideas come and go…if a story is supposed to be told, it will be…if an idea has to be shown to the people out there, it will be.
      So, my friend, there’s not much to actually worry when the ink, literally runs dry! Nevertheless, from Paulo Coelho, this will sound like words of wisdom, but from me you would want to know why you should go forth and continue reading my post.
  1)    If it has to be told, it will be: That’s what I said, and that’s what I believe. Sometimes, it is hard to convince my own self! Sometimes I need to give sermons and pep-talks to myself: “Come on bro cheer up! It was just an idea…” “Hey you, sulking over a story about an old circus joker???” “That was just one of those billion muses you got!” and then the other side of me says, “Something so interesting has gone!
It’s up to me which side I listen to…if I go by the first side’s advice, I move on with something else, something new, something different…I wait for that thing to come back to me, which may be never…but I don’t stop hoping…and definitely not blogging…but if I go by the second one’s instruction, I regret for having forgotten the master piece that could translate the lives of millions…Really???
Curse myself and strain my memory to recollect what that thing was!!! I forget for a short span of time that before a writer, blogger, or anything else I am a human being, who ought to live his life to the fullest.
         It is worthwhile to translate life experiences into books, articles or posts; nevertheless I find it a futile process to continuously focus on writing, or for that matter on any “ONE” thing!!! Although, getting an idea or thought process on paper is a skill that many have and many crave for, I need to remember that there doesn’t exist just one thing in this world that we are supposed to give all our time and energy to…but it’s always my choice…
  2)    I love to write and express myself…I feel that blogging, especially has benefitted me to show the world what I have and what I am! It helps me create and maintain an identity. But when I feel that this is the time I need to write something, I do not want to create an idea. I prefer getting those new topics from around me…I prefer stumbling upon something to write about rather than writing about something I gave tonnes of thought about!
It ruins the essence and I feel dishonest. To myself! If I am given a topic to write about, I feel that I am in a better situation. But if I have to build something on my own-from the foundation, without a format, I seem to not go beyond a paragraph or so!                Sometimes, even the subject of matter that I am given to write about seem to not hold my fancy…there I feel the Indispire on IndiBlogger is really helpful for those who are stuck and not getting ideas.
  3)    One thing that I feel, is if I get something to write about from my surroundings, I sometimes hope that the ink runs dry... oft, it so happens that I type a word or so that can remind me later of the subject. But the problem that occurs is that when I do so, I tend to lose the core and how I had actually related that idea. In other words, I actually forget what I had meant to write about.
         I remember the key points, major topic of discussion but what I lose is the soul of what I had wanted to write. That in turn fills me with even more disappointment, regret and pain that is contrary to that feeling I get when I complete writing a post. That feeling of accomplishment when you get after completing something is replaced by a sensation of incompletion!!! So, I try and write a bit. The beginning...This lets me know whether this thing is going to go ahead and if I can finish the entire article!!!
  4)    Unfortunately, I can’t recommend you any sites where you get ink for your dry pen!!!
            Please let me know how you cope with the feeling I discussed…I am sure as writers you might be getting these. Not just writing but if you develop games, write scripts or do something that requires you to innovate continuously! The comment box is all yours…
                                    honestly written by: Shahen Pardiwala
thank you Dad (Nozzer Pardiwala) for the amazing photograph!)
©Shahen Pardiwala. All Rights Reserved.

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