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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fret Less, Pray More!

Here we sit,

fretting over petty things, like
a sudden weather change,
Or no petrol in our bike....
Or anything we do not like.
But please I plead,
to you and myself, to look around,
There are graver issues abound!
We are sad we have a smaller home than another one,
but there are many who are displaced from their homes!
We are sad for a cricket match our opponent won,
But many are losing lives at the shot of a gun!
We curse Him, by whom this universe is created,
not knowing at many places lots of people are facing discrimination,
Human Rights are being violated,
we cry for being called an idiot but hundreds are treated in a manner causing them  humiliation.
We cry for little things, 
get depressed when we face minute challenges,
but when that moment comes when your vision changes,
you'll fret a little less, pray for THEIR LIVES a little more!!!

                                                                                       prayed by Shahen Pardiwala.

This poem is dedicated to all those who sacrifice their lives in wars and to those who fight to bring about peace and stop wars. Do share this poem and pray for the safety of all those affected by war.

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